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Yu, Young-Sang, Chunjoong Kim, David A Shapiro, Maryam Farmand, Danna Qian, Tolek Tyliszczak, A. LDavid Kilcoyne, Rich Celestre, Stefano Marchesini, John Joseph, Peter Denes, Tony Warwick, Fiona C Strobridge, Clare P Grey, Howard Padmore, Ying Shirley Meng, Robert Kostecki, and Jordi Cabana. "Dependence on Crystal Size of the Nanoscale Chemical Phase Distribution and Fracture in LixFePO4." Nano Letters 15.7 (2015) 4282 - 4288.
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Cheng, Lei, Cheng Hao Wu, Angelique Jarry, Wei Chen, Yifan Ye, Junfa Zhu, Robert Kostecki, Kristin A Persson, Jinghua Guo, Miquel Salmeron, Guoying Chen, and Marca M Doeff. "Interrelationships among Grain Size, Surface Composition, Air Stability, and Interfacial Resistance of Al-Substituted LiLa.." ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7.32 (2015) 17649 - 17655.
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