Kostecki Research Group
Kostecki’s group conducts research on basic processes and fundamental phenomena that occur in electrical energy storage/conversion devices and water treatment systems. We develop and apply advanced spectroscopy and microscopy techniques in combination with electrochemical methods to obtain a detailed insight into the mechanism of interfacial phenomena, which determine the function, operation and degradation modes of materials, electrodes and devices. We work closely with our partners in national labs, academia and industry to establish clear connections between diagnostics, theory/modelling, materials synthesis and technology development R&D.
Recent Highlights



Kostecki Lab Website Launched

We hope you are enjoying our new website, which provides important news and updates about Robert Kostecki's laboratory at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab). The professionally designed website is user-friendly, optimized for accessibility and of mobile responsive design, and intended to help all visitors find information quickly and easily. For additional information or comments please contact Manuel Schnabel.

Kostecki Lab Welcomes Five New Researchers

Five new researchers join the Kostecki group in summer of 2019. We welcome Terri Lin, Manuel Schnabel, Rohit Satish, Insun Yoon, and Elisabetta Arca to Berkeley.

Breakthrough In Infrared Nanospectroscopy of Liquids and Electrochemically Active Solid-Liquid Interfaces

A recent publication in Nano Letters outlines the details of the first ever demonstration of infrared nanospectroscopy of both (i) liquids and (ii) electrochemically active solid-liquid interfaces.  This advancement paves the way for a host of previously unattainable basic science investigations with broad-reaching relevancy to a diversity of fields from energy science, to electrochemistry, to biology.  The work was featured in the press as both an ... more