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Journal Article
Creel, Erin B, Elizabeth R Corson, Johanna Eichhorn, Robert Kostecki, Jeffrey J Urban, and Bryan D McCloskey. "Directing Selectivity of Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Reduction Using Plasmonics." ACS Energy Letters 4.5 (2019) 1098 - 1105.
Corson, Elizabeth R, Erin B Creel, Robert Kostecki, Bryan D McCloskey, and Jeffrey J Urban. "Important Considerations in Plasmon-Enhanced Electrochemical Conversion at Voltage-Biased Electrodes." iScience 23.3 (2020) 100911.
Corson, Elizabeth R, Recep Kas, Robert Kostecki, Jeffrey J Urban, Wilson A Smith, Bryan D McCloskey, and Ruud Kortlever. "In Situ ATR–SEIRAS of Carbon Dioxide Reduction at a Plasmonic Silver Cathode." Journal of the American Chemical Society 142.27 (2020) 11750 - 11762.
Corson, Elizabeth R, Ananya Subramani, Jason K Cooper, Robert Kostecki, Jeffrey J Urban, and Bryan D McCloskey. "Reduction of carbon dioxide at a plasmonically active copper–silver cathode." Chemical Communications 56.69 (2020) 9970 - 9973.
Kim, Youngsang, Erin B Creel, Elizabeth R Corson, Bryan D McCloskey, Jeffrey J Urban, and Robert Kostecki. "Surface-Plasmon-Assisted Photoelectrochemical Reduction of CO2 and NO3on Nanostructured Silver Electrodes." Advanced Energy Materials 8.22 (2018) 1800363.
Corson, Elizabeth R, Erin B Creel, Youngsang Kim, Jeffrey J Urban, Robert Kostecki, and Bryan D McCloskey. "A temperature-controlled photoelectrochemical cell for quantitative product analysis." Review of Scientific Instruments 89.5 (2018) 055112.