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He, Qinggang, Ahmet Kusoglu, Ivan T Lucas, Kyle Clark, Adam Z Weber, and Robert Kostecki. "Correlating Humidity-Dependent Ionically Conductive Surface Area with Transport Phenomena in Proton-Exchange Membranes." J. Phys. Chem. B. 115.40 (2011) 11650-11657. LBNL-5441E.
Qiao, Ruimin, Ivan T Lucas, Altaf Karim, Jaroslaw S Syzdek, Xiaosong Liu, Wei Chen, Kristin A Persson, Robert Kostecki, and Wanli Yang. "Distinct Solid-Electrolyte-Interphases on Sn (100) and (001) Electrodes Studied by Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy." Advanced Materials Interfaces (2014).
Hardwick, Laurence J, Juliette A Saint, Ivan T Lucas, Marca M Doeff, and Robert Kostecki. "FTIR and Raman Study of the LixTiyMn1-yO2 (y= 0, 0.11) Cathodes in Methylpropyl Pyrrolidinium Bis(fluoro-sulfonyl)imide, LiTFSI Electrolyte." Journal of The Electrochemical Society 156.2 (2008) A120-A127.
Lux, Simon F, Julie S Chevalier, Ivan T Lucas, and Robert Kostecki. "HF Formation in LiPF6-Based Organic Carbonate Electrolytes." ECS Electrochemistry Letters 2.12 (2013) A121-A123.
Lucas, Ivan T, Elad Pollak, and Robert Kostecki. "In situ AFM studies of SEI formation at a Sn electrode." Electrochemistry Communications 11.11 (2009) 2157-2160.
Pollak, Elad, Baisong Geng, Ki-Joon Jeon, Ivan T Lucas, Thomas J Richardson, Feng Wang, and Robert Kostecki. "The interaction of Li+ with single-layer and few-layer graphene." Nano letters 10.9 (2010) 3386-3388.
Lucas, Ivan T, Jaroslaw S Syzdek, and Robert Kostecki. "Interfacial processes at single-crystal β-Sn electrodes in organic carbonate electrolytes." Electrochemistry Communications 13.11 (2011) 1271-1275.
Lucas, Ivan T, A. S McLeod, Jaroslaw S Syzdek, D. S Middlemiss, Clare P Grey, D. N Basov, and Robert Kostecki. "IR Near-Field Spectroscopy and Imaging of Single LixFePO4 Microcrystals." Nano Letters 15.1 (2015) 1 - 7.
Lux, Simon F, Ivan T Lucas, Elad Pollak, Stefano Passerini, Martin Winter, and Robert Kostecki. "The mechanism of HF formation in LiPF6 based organic carbonate electrolytes." Electrochemistry Communications 14.1 (2012) 47-50.
Pollak, Elad, Ivan T Lucas, and Robert Kostecki. "A study of lithium transport in aluminum membranes." Electrochemistry Communications 12.2 (2010) 198-201.
Lux, Simon F, Ivan T Lucas, Julie S Chevalier, Thomas J Richardson, and Robert Kostecki. "Time-Dependent Determination of HF Formation in LiPF6-Containing Electrolytes in Different Cell Types by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry." ECS Transactions 50.1 (2013) 27-30.